Hello.  My name is Destiny. I live in Riverside California and am a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful young ladies. I am also the Official Cheapskate and Avid Quality Shopper behind an amazing website designed to save you money and time: Cheapskeyt.com. I am always looking to catch the best deal possible on everything from small household items to large ticket items like a car. However, I haven’t always been “Cheap” — in fact, not too long ago I was quite the opposite!

Back in 2005 I was stuck in a horrible rut:  endless days of working, earning a paycheck, and overspending. The old “me” never once batted an eye at a price tag, and couldn’t be bothered to sacrifice just a few minutes to dig deeper and look for a better deal.  Fast forward seven (7) years into my professional career under the fluorescent lights of a sterile corporate environment when, without warning, I found myself thrust into the pool of unemployed Californians which at that time (2012) had soared to a whopping 10.4% of the California workforce. Gone were the days when I could frivolously spend (or thought I could). Having suddenly lost my financial security, I was forced to dissect my spending habits, and for the first time ever I found myself pondering the thought: “How can I SAVE?”

As I wrestled with my finances, I realized that turning up the A/C to 78 degrees wasn’t nearly enough. In a daze, while hovering over the sink adding water to the laundry detergent bottle, swishing it around, telling myself I could stretch that damned bottle just one more load, I had this huge epiphany! All of these household items that were so crucial to my family’s well-being, were also quickly bleeding my bank account dry. It was at that very moment that my journey of saving began.

I taught myself how to pay only a small fraction of the cost on brand-name, quality items, and by doing so I was able to maintain my family’s lifestyle on just a fraction of my former income (i.e., my unemployment check).  Suddenly my zealous pursuit of incredible bargains that are available to everyone became even more fruitful and rewarding than my old corporate job and the full time income it provided! My financial pain turned into financial gain, and most importantly, along the way I developed a passion to help others save! I urge you to ask yourself, what areas in your life could benefit from having a source of extra funds that you can save so very easily by merely becoming a bit of a Cheapskeyt? Take a second look, dig a little deeper, become a little more savvy with your money, and begin your journey NOW with the help of Cheapskeyt.com